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Soulbreaker by Ciaran Corby

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soulbreaker_LRG.jpgMagic, wonder, and high adventure is the result when you place Wyn, the Pixie daughter of the fae King Oberon in the Cap and Cauldron School of magic, along with other wizards, sorceresses, and... vampires.

Once again Ciaran Corby introduces us to an array of colorful characters who will make us laugh, cry, and cringe.  And, we are re-introduced to a character we met in the Dark Mage, his name, Mordeth West Craven, the ruggedly handsome wizard, professor of Magical History through the Ages, who is in search of his past.

Ciaran Corby’s characters are never what they appear to be.  There is always something more, hidden within them, that at times they don’t even know is there.  The characters are sincere, personable, and quirky. 

For instance, Wyn, the pixie in this story, is a pixie who cannot stand her kind because of their flighty natures. This is no everyday run of the mill pixie, no, this is a modern woman full of independence and the need to further herself in her craft.

This is where Ciaran Corby wins our hearts as modern readers.  His heroines and vamps are not dumb.  They are independent women with a zest for life and a need to be respected and find their own way.  They don’t depend on any man, wizard or no, to help them get through the day.  Some hide ulterior motives, and some wear their hearts on their sleeves, but all, yes all, fall in love so deeply.

It makes me wonder if Corby has a well in his home full of vibrant characters that he dips into every time he’s going to write a story.  Or, could it be something more magical where the characters climb out by themselves then whisper their stories in his ear.  Whatever the case may be, this is an author you will want to read.

Because of mature content, I would recommend this book for the eighteen and over crowd.

You can view & purchase more of Ciaran's books at Mystic Moon Press.

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