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Dark magic used for the sake of good; that is what the young wizard apprentice Valentine would like you to believe, and perhaps it is true. Perhaps he is correct in his assumption that drawing the energy of the dead from battle grounds, burial fields, and tombs can be used for the good of the kingdom and its people.  Unfortunately Valentine is not given the time to prove his theory because he is banished by King Xardil at the word of his aging wizard mentor, Graus.  Valentine swears revenge against his former liege and vows to make the kingdom his.  This dark wizard will have his revenge, even if it means his own destruction.

And what better way to destroy his enemies than with ancient draconian power.  A power needed to summon the skeletons of those fallen on the battlefield—death magic.  He chooses Areecen, a proud and powerful white dragon, as the mystical agent to unleash his deadly plan.  But first, he would have to trap the dragon.  And so the story unfolds…

A smooth transition is made and we are taken to Vine Star Academy, the school for wizards where we meet the young and beautiful Magritte WestCraven, sorceress in training.  The name should sound familiar as we were introduced to the WestCraven name in Soul Breaker, a book by Ciaran Corby.

Margritte is of an ancient line of magic users.  Together with the help of her familiar, the wisecracking Owl, Nightshade, she enlists the reluctant help of her mentor, Professor Grym to help free the dragon and help defeat the wizard Valentine.

Coal and Ciaran Corby have woven another fantastic tale of high adventure and intrigue, filled with wizards, magic, betrayal, loyalty, and deep friendship.  If you’ve ever played any type of role playing game, you will love the stories these two authors create.  The characters are well developed and the story runs smoothly; transitioning nicely from scene to scene.

Once again I will make mention that Coal and Ciaran are able to form believable characters, and give due respect to those of the female nature.  Self willed and intelligent, their weakness will stem from their sensitivity to other characters and not from the need to be maidens in distress hoping to be rescued. These female characters take charge of their destinies. 

The story itself is well thought out and the plot is tight.  You can read an excerpt or purchase the book at Mystic Moon Press.

Read the interviews with these two authors at COAL CORBY and CIARAN CORBY.

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