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Imago book three: A Warrior's Taly by L.T. Suzuki

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“There is a secret place that exists; unknown to most, forgotten by many, and lives on only for the few who believe.”


It is the land of Imago.  A land conceptualized and brought to life by fantasy author L.T. Suzuki.  The wonder of this author’s work is not only the quality of the writing, but the beauty of the story telling.


In this book, we find our hero, Nayla Treeborn trapped in a terrible storm at the top of the world.  She is the last survivor of a group of messengers sent forth by her people.  Her desperate mission is to seek the help of the Elf King of Wynwood and from those of the Alliance.


Shunned by both elves and humans, even though she shares a common blood bond with the two, Nayla must race against time to save them.  She will sacrifice everything, including her life, to save her people.


At the top of the world, Nayla hunkers down and covers herself with her cloak for protection from the brutal weather.  The elf blood that runs through her veins makes her less susceptible to the harsh elements than humans, but this is as something she has never seen before.


She is not one to shy away from a challenge, nor a battle.  Having been trained in the art of war and hand to hand combat, she has become a legend among her people.  And if you have read books one and two of the Imago book series, I’m sure she has become a legend in your own heart.


So here, in Imago book three, we find her at the brink of freezing to death and in danger of being slaughtered by enemy soldiers who have been hunting her down, trying to stop her.  In these moments of peril, Nayla begins to remember her childhood and the events that forged her life as a warrior.  If EVER you wanted to know more about Nayla Treeborn, this is the book you will want to read and keep.


Lorna Suzuki has created an incredible story with believable, sympathetic, and incredibly complicated characters.  Her books are not story driven, they are character driven.  The characters are the focal point, and then the story is woven, like a fine spider web, whisping and curling through the plot.


As we read her story, we find ourselves blissfully lost in the world of Imago.


This series is highly recommended.


You can visit Lorna’s website to read more about her books.  And, she has many helpful articles for writers, along with great author interviews.


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