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In our society we tend to celebrate what is popular. We focus our attention on all that glitters and tend to overlook the depth and beauty of the simple.  And what could be simpler than the honest words from a writer's heart. 

Remember, baring your soul for others to examine and criticize can be one of the most terrifying things you can ever do.  So, why as writers, do we do it?  The answer is ... because we have to.  The need to write surpasses the choice to write. 

Not all writers take the next step in writing, and that is, to allow others to read their work.  Fear is an implicit factor in how successful we will be; perseverance is another.  It will determine how we view ourselves in our creative journey.  The great question we all ask ourselves and others ask of us is "If I haven't been published, can I consider myself a writer?"

The answer?  YES! and YES! again.

Within these pages you will find works by incredibly talented writers who are in the midst of their creative journey.  If you read something you like, please, contact the writer and let them know.  Encouragement is a great motivator in the creative process.

If you are in need of writers, please feel free to contact them, or contact us at, so we can pass it on.  We do not make any commission, and we do not charge our writers any fees. 

We are here to offer a platform to writers who we believe have talent and deserve a chance to be published.

Thank you, sincerely.

We are proud to have Heather B. Harris as our first showcased writer.

Writer  Lark Neville.

Writer  Angela France

Writer ~ Tonya Moore

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