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Copyright Suzanne Jeffs

Copyright Suzanne Jeffs

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Copyright Suzanne Jeffs

Copyright Suzanne Jeffs


Have you ever stared into a kaleidoscope and wondered how great it would be to hang the design on your wall?  If magick had a look, I would say it looked like the fractal designs Suzanne Jeffs creates on her computer.  Beauty, symmetry, and magick.

Read our interview with this quirky and bluntly honest artist.

When did you discover your desire to create art?

One drunken evening when as I sat talking to some friends at the time, who created 3d work with bryce. I tried it and had a blast.  I found a copy of Ultra Fractal as a demo and started to play with those and I found them really intresting with how nice they could be.  Thats what kicked it all off really.

What inspired you to create with this medium and what inspired the designs? 

Oh this is a fun one it could be anything.  It could be a conversation I am having with someone or  my surroundings I have to carry a notepad or something with me so I can jot down colour ideas or stuff that pops into my head.

How long do you work on an image?  When do you know it's finished?

I work on an image sometimes up to 3-4 days before I am completely happy with it.  It actually depends on how I get a feel for it while I can preveiw it. It all depends on what I am working on as well.  I have one thing I am working on right now and its been that way for about 2 years now.

What are the advantages of designing and creating with a computer?

To be brutally honest, if you fuck up, you can cover it up with Photoshop or work on it a little more just to make it look extra good.

Demon Child
Copyright Suzanne Jeffs

Who are your favorite artists and authors? (Living or Dead).

Oh I have a wide range. I love Tad Williams' books. I also like Biographies.

Artists I have always been fasinated by are Dali  and Picasso; both of their works simply blow me away.

In what ways do you stretch yourself to make your work grow?

Sometimes it's hard and when it gets like that, I take a short break away and think how it could be worked on even more.  I have done alot of my best pieces like that.

Is this the only genre you work in?

I dabble in a bit of writing here and there as well.  As well as the 3d work but nothing too spectacular really. I also take a few photo's here and there.

Do you do most of your own marketing?  How do you break up the time with creating and marketing?

I try to market but I am relatively crap at selling myself.  I would only offer to show someone my work if they asked to see it.

Do you attend trade shows to market your work?

Um in the city where I live, the closest gallery I think is Liverpool and I am not aware of anything else closer to home.

What's next for you?  What projects are you working on?

I have a few writing projects in the line.  They are both stored online and I am going to be working on them slowly.  My fractals I do them as and when the mood takes me.

What venue do you use to sell or showcase your work?

I use a couple of places; my Deviantart account and my Flickr account.

Do you have a website, or other contact information for buyers to reach you and view your work?

I do and I prefer actually email contact that way I dont easily forget. Since I go through deviantart  and they have their own customer services there which eases alot of a workload.

Do you do commissioned work for customers?

I do.

If so: When you are working on a commissioned piece, do you find you have to dig deeper for the creativity? The reason I ask this is because new artists may get discouraged when they are working on a commissioned piece because the 'inspiration' is not there. 

I do dig deep but when I do take on a commission, it could take a while. Most seem happy with this.  I do go for alot of walks when I do get asked to commission something and that often helps.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Be yourself and don't try to mimic one person,  just find something you're comfortable with and go with it.

Life Circle
Copyright Suzanne Jeffs

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