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Copyright Nandor Molnar

Copyright Nandor Molnar

Copyright Nandor Molnar

Copyright Nandor Molnar

Nandor Molnar's landscapes are places of absolute magic.  This artist's style is unique and with an edge reminiscent of artists such as Boris Vallejo, and Frank Frazetta.  As we admire these worlds, there is no doubt in our minds the strange and wonderful inhabitants lurk somewhere beyond the edges of each painting.

Nandor is the newest addition to OUTSIDE the FRAME and is searching for a gallery to pick up these enchanting creations.

What inspired you to create in this genre?

I want to show everybody what I see when I close my eyes and the fantasy art is the genre that fits helps me do it

When did you discover your desire to create art?

I was interested in all fields of art all my life but I started this spray painting just 4 months ago.

What inspired you to create with this medium and what inspired the designs?

Originally, this is a "street painting" technique that is very popular all over the world. I liked and studied it and decided to try to express my dreams with it.

When do you know it's finished?

A painting is never finished just must be finished:) 

Inner Light
Copyright Nandor Molnar

What do you love about being an artist? 

I love the comments on my paintings and to see that the people like to be in my fantasy world.

What is the most difficult thing for you as an artist?

To find a gallery that is ready to exhibit my paintings.

Who are your favorite artists and authors? (Living or Dead)

Salvador Dali, Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Boris Vallejo, Bryan Camilleri, Brandon McConnell

In what ways do you stretch yourself to make your work grow? 

I always try to find new techniques, new means.

Is this the only genre you work in?

Yes, though I painted a few abstract paintings as well.

Fantasy Night
Copyright Nandor Molnar

Do you do most of your own marketing?

How do you break up the time with creating and marketing?

My sister Nelly undertook this task.

Do you attend trade shows to market your work?

Not yet, I am waiting for the first exhibition before I sell my paintings.

What's next for you? 

An exhibition I hope:)

What projects are you working on?

No projects, I am just painting and painting....

What venue do you use to sell or showcase your work?

I have a website, I have several porfolios in different online galleries but as said before, I do not wish to sell the pictures before my first exhibition. 

Dream Waterfall
Copyright Nandor Molnar

Do you have a website, or other contact information for buyers to reach you and view your work?


What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

I encourage everybody to try this marvelous technique because it causes great joy but do not forget to use mask and open the windows:)

Copyright Nandor Molnar

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