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Copyright C.S. Wolfe

Copyright C.S. Wolfe

C.S. Wolfe

Passionate about vampires, C.S. Wolfe has written a tale of adventure, suspense, horror, and above all romance.  Although she makes her books accessible to the younger age groups by keeping the story PG-13, make no mistake, these are not children's books.  With well rounded characters and captivating story lines, she weaves a world we can believe in--a world we want to believe in.  Join us as we sit down with this author of the fantasmical and get an insight into her creative process...

Tell us a little about your story.  It's not exactly your everyday vampire tale.


Fire and Ice The Secret Vampire Society_ vol. 1, and _Vampire Slayers_ vol. 2, are PG-13, fast-paced suspense thrillers with an equal mixture of romance and horror.  Carmen is a successful business woman who meets Adrian Tallinn while she's painting a mural for him in the foyer of his building. She falls in love with Adrian, not knowing his dark secret, he is second in command of the powerful vampire society.


Carmen is what I consider a realistic portrayal of the way someone would act who is thrown into this supernatural world. The only reason she's there is because of her love for Adrian. She's intimidated by vampires, but eventually rises up and recognizes her potential and abilities. And continues to evolve and grow and become stronger throughout the story, and is even surer of herself and her place in the society in volume 2, Vampire Slayers.


Adrian is gorgeous and wealthy and is intrigued by Carmen, who's different from any woman that he has ever known. Adrian's character is complex. He has his warm, more human side that loves Carmen and would do anything for her, versus his cold vampire side that can be frightening. Hence, fire and ice. I compare him loosely to someone who would be in charge of any underground or organized secret society. He isn't supposed to be the nice guy, but can be.


Volume 2, Vampire Slayers continues their adventures. On a trip to England, Carmen learns that not all vampires have embraced a more modern way of fitting in with humanity. The vampires there still adhere to the old traditions, where most of the legends originated. Her frightening encounters with one vampire in particular, show Carmen that not all vampires are interested in embracing the help of slayers and consider them abominations that should be destroyed.


Your story contains adventure, intrigue, betrayal, action, and at its center is a love story.  A romantic love story.  Do you consider yourself a romance writer?


I just started a paranormal romance group on Writer's Digest site that nine members have joined already. Even though my stories have adventure, suspense and some horror, I would find it impossible to write about vampires without including romance in the story. People are attracted to vampires, especially women. Right now I would have to say I'm a romance writer. It's one of the fastest growing genres these days and paranormal romance is the fastest growing in the romance category. I do have ideas for stories down the road that are not as big on romance, but love is important to just about any character and it adds a lot of contrast to the story. You can still have horror, suspense, action, and then break it up with the love scenes.


Why vampires?  Why this choice of genre?

I've always wanted to write and what I wanted to write about was vampires. It is my passion, in fact I have written about vampires for as long as I can remember, I just recently felt the timing was right in my own life to pursue my writing career. I love the intrigue, and allure of vampires. They are timeless and people enjoy reading books and watching movies about them. They are very popular now, but I can't remember any time that vampires haven't always had a large following of fans.


Were you apprehensive about changing some of the traditional views society holds about vampires?


Not really. There are so many different stories about vampires and their abilities out now. A lot of the modern vampires fit into society easier and can even go out in the daylight. For me, it added more to the story to be able to have them interact with humans during the day. I feel like I brought back some of the traditional aspects of vampires that a few writers were getting too far away from, (along with some new twists of my own). I have wolves, dungeons, castles and even coffins in my stories. (some of these are in the next book in the series.) I wanted my characters to be believable as people in our modern times that could fit into society without others knowing that they are vampires.


Do you find it difficult to write romantic scenes?  How do you keep them from sounding cliché?


I tried to keep my romance scenes so that a wider audience could read my books. I do have a teenage daughter and wanted her to be able to enjoy my stories, which she and her friends do. I also have a lot of friends in my age group and older that appreciate the fact that I never get too intimate in the romance scenes, but still keep it passionate and steamy.  

When did you discover your love and talent for writing?  Were you encouraged at an early age to pursue writing?


I've always written.


When I was in school I wrote short stories, and even enjoyed essays. I had some really good encouraging teachers, and my parents always supported me in my art and writing. I went to college on an art scholarship and majored in art and literature. I have also won awards over the years. I never thought about doing anything else for a living except art and writing.


Do you make your living as a writer, or do you have another job?


Right now I make my living as an artist. I just published my first book, Fire and Ice The Secret Vampire Society, vol. 1, this summer. It is steadily increasing in sales and I already have devoted fans that are excited to get more in the series about my characters. The second one will be out in a couple of weeks. I would say that my books are starting to pay for themselves. That doesn't include my time for marketing, promoting and writing, but for me, I have a hard time thinking of it as work anyway. I am thrilled that there are people out there that love my books, and my characters and can't wait to read what is going to happen next. 


How do you make time to write?


Every free moment I get is spent writing, ask my family. It is definitely a balancing act between family, work and writing. I make my own hours with my artwork. Since I am self employed it allows me to decide what jobs I want to do and for the most part when I want to do them. I'm lucky that it gives me plenty of free time to pursue my passion of writing.


How much time do you spend editing your stories?


The editing takes a lot more time than the actual writing. I can write three to five thousand word a day when I am on a roll. I wrote the entire first book, 120,000 words in a month, but then going back and doing all the editing took at least two to three times longer. I found someone who does the proof reading part of my books. She works for a couple different publishers, so I was lucky to just happen to know her. She proofed the first two books and will probably do the rest since she is knowledgeable about my characters. It's great when someone can read your writing and say, Adrian wouldn't talk like that, or Carmen should do this because they have become intimate with the characters and their behavior.


Do you do your own marketing?  How much time do you dedicate to it?


Again, I would say every free moment I get is spent either writing, editing, or marketing my books. I spend a few hours a day on the internet through various social networks putting things out about my books. I also have a college student that advertises for me in free online magazines, newspapers and ads. And, I just started a blog so I'm trying to incorporate that into my routine now too. I'm always looking for new and different avenues to market my books.


How has your experience been in self publishing?


Like anything, you have high expectations of what can happen and then the actuality of it brings you back down to reality. For the most part I'm thrilled to be doing what I enjoy more than anything else. I realize that I'm lucky to be able do what I love so much. I'm new to self publishing and there's a learning process and a learning curve, but I've been self employed most of my adult life and I have no problem being motivated. Art is not an easy thing to make a living at either, and I do, so writing is just another step for me.


Who are the authors that inspire you?  Who do you like to read?


I read a wide variety. I would have to say that my favorite all time authors are, Stephen King, he is definitely the "King" of horror. Michael Crichton, because his stories are always so believable and usually based upon some real life facts. He is also very technically oriented in his writing style. James Patterson because he has a good imagination and knows how to tell a story. Then I have always enjoyed a good love story, like  Nora Roberts. One of my all time favorite authors also was Joseph Lippincott. Most of his books have become rare collectibles these days. He wrote the books I read as a young adult about wolves and other wildlife.


You are also an artist.  Your artwork is beautiful.  How has expressing yourself as an artist helped your writing?


Writing takes art to a whole new level beyond painting. As an artist I will get the general idea for a mural or piece and lay out the idea, but as I start to paint, that is when it all flows together. As I paint a layer, the new idea for the next layer develops in my mind. Writing is much the same. As I write and build my characters personalities, and the plots and storylines the next idea develops. It's a building process, the same as painting.


One of your main characters is an artist, is she a little part of you... or maybe a lot?


I get that question a lot. The reason I made Carmen an artist is because making a living as an artist is more interesting for most people to read about than working in another profession. People are always intrigued with the idea that I make my living as an artist. I feel it just adds more fun to the storyline, and since I know art and have done it for years it was an easier, more believable thing to add to my character. There is a little of Carmen in me, but there is also a little of Adrian too, or any of my other characters in my books. I think that helps you write about a more credible character if you can put yourself in their place.


What's next for you?  What projects are you working on?


Well, my characters, Adrian and Carmen are not done telling their story yet. I have rough drafts for at least two more in the series, so all of the fans of my Fire and Ice series will be happy to hear that. And I have started a young adult novel also. It is based on a flash forward with the teens of the characters in these books, but will stand by itself as a storyline. I have more ideas right now than I have time to put down. I'm definitely in a groove and am not suffering from any kind of writers block at the moment. When I'm writing I can easily write three to five thousand words a day. Then of course comes all the editing, proofing, and marketing.


And finally, what advice would you give to aspiring writers?


If you are passionate about it, and can't imagine not writing, go for it. It's an adventure that I wouldn't trade for anything. I can't remember ever having as much fun as I have now that I'm writing. It's hard work to get your name and books out there into the public and is incredibly time consuming, but in my opinion has been worth the efforts so far. It helps to have support from others in your field, even if it's just to bounce ideas and marketing strategies off of. Try to keep your expectations realistic, which is difficult. (Being writers we already have wild imaginations). Don't expect your first book to take off and make you a million and then if it does, you're exceeding what you thought would happen. It never occurs to me to not do what I want to do with my life, it's my life to live and I have to keep moving forward with what I want to do. Standing still is never an option.



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