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C.S Wolfe's Fire and Ice: Vampire Slayers Vol. 2

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Once again, author C.S.Wolfe brings us into the fantastical world of the Secret Vampire Society, where her main characters Carman and Adrian fight forces determined to keep their love apart; the same forces that threaten their very existence.


Carmen is now entrenched in the Society’s vampire culture and Adrian is second in command in the hierarchy, almost guaranteeing her safety, as once again the forces of fortune are wreaking havoc around them.  Even though she is secure in her abilities as a slayer and is trusted by most in the Society, she will face the grave challenges of being human among vampires.


As they travel to the old country, Carmen will realize not all vampires embrace our modern society.  She will find they hold on tightly to the old traditions, and are willing to destroy those who would challenge that view.  In the middle of this is Adrian who is now torn between protecting the woman he loves and his loyalty and responsibilities to the Society.


The beauty of the characters, that C.S. Wolfe creates, is their complexity.  They are not flat characters.  These are not your every day vampires, and although they have the ability to walk in the day, they still hold to the traditional view of vampires.


The book, full of mystery, adventure, betrayal, and romance, is rated PG-13, making it accessible to teens.  And C.S Wolfe creates an incredibly self reliable female character in Carmen.  An artist and a woman who is not afraid to follow her heart, she is strong and smart, and many times ends up saving, instead of having to be saved.


In this, her second novel in the Fire and Ice series, C.S. Wolfe does a stellar job at presenting a heart wrenching love story told through believable, in-depth characters.  You will want to believe the tale she weaves, the tale of the secret society of vampires.




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